A New Adventure -“Sew Craftsy”

Welcome to Sew Craftsy!

An Art Quilt I did for my Grand Daughter Chelsea who loves rainbows and butterflies.

Now I am back in Western Australia again, after having been in Saudi Arabia for over three and and a half years. We had a fantastic time. Visited so many countries and cultures whilst we were there. I so miss the women that became my friends.

A lovely group of ladies called the “Jeddah Bees” introduced me to the world of quilting.
We had a great time sewing, talking, eating and learning skills. Below are some of the girls.quilting-bees

Chris a good friend I made in Jeddah taught me how to do Art Quilts. Here is one of her prize winning Art Quilts.judges-choice_christine-pl

Another beautiful lady taught me silk painting techniques.silk-painting

I asked my friend Chris to help me with an idea I had.  I wanted to bring together the young women who lived in our compound, to help them learn new skills and develop friendships. Many of them were far away from their families and friends.  I wanted to create a place where they could come and go freely as they wished. Join in an activity or do their own, or even just come to watch and have a coffee/tea and cake or biscuits. So with  help of Chris we formed  “MB Arts and Crafts” which was held once a week in the clubhouse on our compound. I started by getting lots of craft materials, sewing notions and fabric from a place called Hindawia in Jeddah.  This was crafter’s heaven.  So much stuff to see and buy. The best part was it was extremely inexpensive.

Each week we would do a project for those who wanted to learn a new skill. Some of the things we did were: sewing, quilting, art quilts, crochet, knitting, painting, fabric dyeing, baskets, jewelry making, felting, stenciling, origami, embroidery, shisha mirrors, ceramics and specialty projects. The fee was very low as I had the support of the owner of the compound.  He provided the water and coffee for the event.  We made cakes and biscuits, some ladies brought plates of food with them. Others donated items for everyone to share.  People outside of the compound got to hear about it, so they came along too. It was a great success and we all enjoyed it. Many of the girls learnt how to sew and crochet. I was amazed by the things that they produced. Everyone was happy to share their knowledge and skills with others. As a result the women did develop new skills, friendships inside and outside of the compound.  I will always treasure the memories of those happy times we had together.


So now I have set up an area in my home to be able to teach classes or do workshops with ladies who are looking for some creative outlet, or wanting to get to know others with similar interests.

To be able to join in these activities, you will need the following attributes:
Love, Laughter, Encouragement, Supportive, Positive attitude, Sense of community, Caring for others, Sharing with others.

Here are some things I have made recently.

I am working out times, classes and workshops for 2017.

If you would like to know more please email me here.

You can also check out my facebook page here.

Watch this space…

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